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【Home&Garden】6x8 Hobby Greenhouse, Polycarbonate Aluminum Green House with Window, Heavy Duty Greenhouses Kit

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About this item

【All-in-One Gardening Place】When you have our JULY'S SONG greenhouse, you have a designated spot for everything involved in gardening. You can not only grow vegetables, flowers and other plants, but store all your gardening tools and equipment, accessories, and supplies as well.

【Green Powder Coated Frame】The green powder coated frame not only looks great but also protects the aluminium from weathering.

【Galvanized Steel Base Included】Make sure to connect your JULY'S SONG green house for outdoors with the steel base and sink posts into soil and then concreted in place once your greenhouse is level and square.

【MULTI-FUNCTION DESIGN】The greenhouse for outdoor has sliding doors for easy access, roof vent for effortless ventilation, and rain gutters for effective drainage of water and snow.

【Excellent Customer Service】JULY'S SONG provide 12 months' worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.

Product Description

Know more about JULY'S SONG Greenhouse!

  • Full Assembly Required: Yes
  • Assembly Time: 6-8 hours
  • Assembly Guide: Manuals in box; Video on product page
  • Floor Options: Without Floor
  • Base Included: Yes
  • Frame Color Family: Greens
  • Greenhouse Features: Sliding door, Gutters, Window
  • Returnable: 30-Day


Customer questions & answers

Question:Can doors be locked?
Answer:There's no locking nor latching mechanism on the door. There's two small magnets that kind of hold the door fully open or fully closed. They aren't very effective. You would have to get creative with a lock hasp or something along those lines. I used two eye loops and a cord with spring clips to hold mine shut.

Question:Do i peel off the plastic sheets on the wall panels?
Answer:You are supposed to peel the plastic sheeting from the wall panels. Note that one side is marked to be the sun side (facing the outside of the greenhouse).

Question:Are the Polycarbonate pannels 4 mm thick?
Answer:Yes, I just measured a panel with calipers and the polycarbonate is 3.9 to 4.0mm thick. Bear in mind it is corrugated, double wall poly - like cardboard. But definitely 4mm thick overall.

Question:What are the full dimensions of the 6x4 greenhouse: Height, how Wide, and how Deep?
Here are the full dimensions of JULY'S SONG greenhouse.
Height: 6'4"
Wide: 6'2"
Deep: 4'2"

Question:How is it oriented? Is the door on the six foot or eight foot side?
Answer:The door is on the 6 foot side.One panel is about 2 foot width.

Question:Can this greenhouse be secured to a deck?
Answer:Yes,you can secure our greenhouse to a deck.

Question:how can I water plants in green house during winter?
Answer:I always keep a 5 gallon bucket of water in my greenhouse with a smaller bucket so that I can give water to any plant that needs it while I'm in there. If you have a water hose that will reach, I would use it if you can! In areas where its colder and the possibility of the door freezing or getting compacted with snow, I would use a stiff bristled broom to try to gently clean your door tracs so it's easier to open! ALSO, MAKE SURE TO SECURE YOUR GREENHOUSE TO THE GROUND IN SOME WAY! WIND AND GREENHOUSE DO NOT GO WELL TOGETHER!!! Hope this helps!