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【Home&Garden】White Dog Cage with Crate Cover, Dog Kennel

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About this item

Panels cover the main components of the dog crate, giving the crate more of an interior-appropriate, furniture like appearance

Our solid crate top allows personal items to be stored on top, taking full advantage of the surface area with no effect on the crate or pet inside

Dog cage and crate cover is available in three sizes to accommodate a pet of almost any size

Includes removable plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning purposes

Minimal assembly required, easy to setup

Product Description

A Solid Crate Cover that comes with metal crate turning the crate into a functional table surface, while its original structure is kept intact to keep the pet confined, without limiting the pet's visibility or comfort. The wooden furniture style dog crate cover can be easily assembled and disassembled, and no hardware is required. Sturdy and durable dog kennel blends well with your home décor.

Cage And White Crate Cover, Small, Medium or Large


MDF, Solid Wood Veneer, White; Metal Cage, Black; Plastic Tray, Black.

  • Available in 3 sizes and 2 colors
  • Small:
  • Exterior: 20.71″D x 27.20″W x 22.09″H Interior: 18.27″D x 24.76″W x 21.26″H Front Door: 12.99″W x 12.01″H Side Door: 11.50″W x 13.78″H
  • Medium:
  • Exterior: 21.65″D x 32.68″W x 23.27″H Interior: 19.21″D x 30.24″W x 22.44″H Front Door: 12.99″W x 13.39″H Side Door: 12.99″W x 14.88″H
  • Large:
  • Exterior: 28.58″D x 43.31″W x 30.08″H Interior: 26.14″D x 40.87″W x 29.25″H Front Door: 21.54″W x 20.67″H Side Door: 15.87″W x 21.97″H

Tray dimensions

S: 16.54″D x 23.23″W x 1.18″H

M: 18.31″D x 28.35″W x 1.18″H

L:26.10″D x 39.37″W x 1.18″H

Customer questions & answers

Question: Is this a true white or more of a creamy color??
Answer: True white

Question: Would a medium be too small for a 24 pound sheltie?
Answer: I think it would. My dog is is 6 pounds right now and will be about 10 pounds eventually. He’s pretty comfortable in the medium.

Question: Does this crate have something under the plastic tray or will that be bare floor?
Answer: the crate has wire along the bottom. the tray does not come in direct contact with the floor.

Question: Any French Bulldog owners have issue with size?
Answer: French bulldog should fit nicely in this kennel.